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Anh Cardomone

Anh (pronounced Ann) Cardamone immigrated to America when she was four. Even as a young child she had a great interest in managing money. It did not take much to convince Anh that finance would be her career path into adulthood, and to think, it all began when she was introduced to the game of Monopoly. There was just something about buying property and having cash in hand that really inspired and motivated her to pursue this career.

Anh graduated valedictorian of her high school class. Right out of high school, she started in the banking industry, working during the day and attending college full-time in the evenings. She doubled majored in Accounting and Business Management, while working as the Accounting Manager for the International Group of Companies, LLC, an import/export company based out of Melrose Park, IL.

Shortly after, Anh became a captive agent for a General Agency company, offering insurance products and fixed indexed annuity products. It was not long after working as a captive agent when Anh realized that this path was no longer a fit. Anh was limited to the products that were offered by the General Agency and in order to appropriately accommodate the needs of her clients, she needed to offer a broader scope of options.

Anh started her own company, Intellectual Business Solutions, Inc. This afforded Anh the opportunity to be able to become a fiduciary investment adviser. Being fiduciary is very important to Anh because as a fiduciary, Anh has a responsibility and obligation to always act in the best interest of her clients.

As a financial adviser and a licensed insurance agent, Anh enjoys building life-long relationships with her clients as they experience every stage of their life. It is very rewarding for Anh to be able to help her clients through each aspect of life – whether it is investment planning, retirement and income planning, or tax planning .

Outside of work, Anh enjoys running and watching her boys play football, with her husband Frank.